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Ten Keys to Happier Living Guidebook

Here is our 28-page guidebook all about the Ten Keys to Happier Living

For each Key it provides an introduction, an inspiring image, a question to ponder, a thought-provoking quote and practical action ideas, all underpinned by the latest wellbeing research.

Ten Keys to Happier Living - Guidebook from Action for Happiness
Downloading or ordering the Guidebook

You can download a PDF version of the guidebook here (right-click and choose "save link as")

If for some reason you are not able to download the guidebook you can contact info@actionforhappiness.org and we'll send you one via email.

Also, if you'd like to order a set of professionally printed copies of the guidebook as an A5-sized colour booklet, contact us at info@actionforhappiness.org. (Please note that there will be a cost for this to cover printing and shipping).

Conditions for Using the Guidebook

In addition to personal use, we are happy for you to make use of this Guidebook for educational and other purposes related to the furthering of our mission, on the condition that:

a) You always refer to Action for Happiness as the source and direct people back to www.actionforhappiness.org

b) You email us at info@actionforhappiness.org to let us know how you are using the Guidebook - so we stay aware of how and where it's being used

c) Your use of the Guidebook is on an entirely non-commercial basis

For any planned usage which does not comply with all three of these conditions you must contact us directly for permission.


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Ten Keys to Happier Living

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