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10 Keys to Happier Living

Everyone's path to happiness is different. Based on the latest research, we have identified 10 Keys to Happier Living that consistently tend to make life happier and more fulfilling. Together they spell "GREAT DREAM".

For each of the ten you'll find information, questions, resources and suggested actions to help apply them in your daily life. Read more or order the book.


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Explore the Ten Keys to Happier Living

Featured: Do things for others

Our generosity is hard-wired to the reward mechanisms in our brains. When we give our time, energy and kindness to others it not only helps them, it's also great for our wellbeing too.

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Areas of Life

At work

Build a positive environment at your workplace
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Family & friends

Do things to help your nearest and dearest thrive
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Local community

Connect & spread happiness in your local community
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Be a Happiness Activist

Be a force for positive change in the world around
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