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A whole lot of wonderful people and organisations have contributed to building the Action for Happiness movement. Our heartfelt thanks go to all of you (in alphabetical order):

  • Adam Grant, Adrian Bethune, Alex Nunn, Alice Jacobs, Aman Hothi, Andy Gibson, Andy Puddicombe, Anna Shandro, Arianna Huffington
  • Barrett Values Centre, Barry Hershey, Belinda Sosinowicz, Ben Pickard, Bernadette Russell, Bridget Grenville-Cleave
  • Camden Centre, Carina Dvorak, Carole Stagg, Chade-Meng Tan, Chee.rs, Colman Getty, Conway Hall
  • Daily Good, Dan Goleman, David Edgar, David Sillito, Di Stubbs, DIY Happiness, Do Something Different, Dr Paramabandhu Groves
  • Ed Pinkney, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
  • Fallon, Fergus Crow
  • Gail Gallie, Global Tolerance
  • Hamish Elvidge, Hannah Yusuf-George, Hans Nilsson, Happiness & Its Causes, Happiness Works, Happy City, Happy Startup School, Happy Ltd, Happy movie, Harriet Ogborn, Headspace, Hege Saebjornsen, Henry Stewart, HooplaHa
  • Ian Briggs, Ian Morris, Ilona Boniwell
  • Jana Stefanovska, Jane Gaukroger, Jenny Camaradou, Jessie Parsons, John Gunnery, John-Paul Flintoff, Jon Cousins, Jon Kabat Zinn, José Cousiño, Jules Evans
  • Katharine Parker, Karen Armstrong, Karen Liebenguth, Karim Manji, Kim Macleod
  • Laurence McCahill, Leo Bormans, Liane Fredericks, Life Clubs, Liggy Webb, Lior Smith, Lisa Sansom, Liz Trayhorn, Lucy Hone, Lucy Roberts
  • Majella Greene, Make It Happy, Mark Easton, Mark Williams, Mary Gordon, Matthew Elvidge Trust, Matthieu Ricard, Maymay Knight, Mike & Liz Zeidler, Mindapples, Miriam Akhtar, Moodscope, Monica Doherty
  • Natalie Salmon, National Children's Bureau, Network of Wellbeing, New Economics Foundation, Nic Marks, Nicholas Baring, Nick Clarke, Nina Grunfeld, Nina Jankelson, Nina Mguni, Nipun Mehta, NOW Live Events
  • Oliver Burkeman
  • Paul Adnitt, Paul Myners, Paul Sternberg, Pay It Forward, Peter Read, Phil Clothier, Positive News, Poorna Bell, Post Growth Institute, Psychologies, Public Zone
  • Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, Rainbow Wilcox, Resurgence, Rhia Pratsis, Rob Holtom, Rob Punchard, Robert Gavron, Roko Belic, Roman Krznaric, Ron Dennis, Rosie Tressler, Royal Borough of Kingston, Ruby Wax, Ruhi Merali
  • Sean Glass, Shamash Alidina, Sherry Clark, Simon Cohen, Simon Pegg, SLaM, Slaveya Ivanova, Sophie Howarth, Spook Studio, Stan Rosenthal, Suzanne Hazelton, Suzy Greaves
  • Tal Ben-Shahar, Tanya Barrett, Tarli Young, Tim Bunting, Tom Bourner, Tony Hawks, Tufel Miah, Trishna Shah
  • Vanessa King, Visit Denmark
  • Wholebeing Institute, Wake Up, William Mehornay
  • Young Foundation
Our website contributors

Huge thanks to everyone involved in writing and collating content for our website, especially Vanessa King for her commitment, tireless work and depth of knowledge.

  • Main content author: Vanessa King
  • Other contribtors: Anna Shandro, Rob Holtom, Hannah Yusuf-George, Nina Mguni, Jane Gaukroger, Maymay Knight, Lucy Hone, Lisa Sansom, Nick Clarke, José Cousiño, Belinda Sosinowicz


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