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I will try to create more happiness and less unhappiness in the world around me


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We would like all members of Action for Happiness to make a simple, but profound, pledge which symbolises their commitment to being a force for good and playing their own unique part in creating a happier society for everyone. Of course governments and organisations need to play their part too. But this is about each of us choosing to live in a way that increases happiness and reduces unhappiness - in our personal lives, homes, schools, workplaces and communities.

We believe that creating a happier society requires a fundamental shift in values - away from our current culture of self-obsessed materialism towards a society which is more loving, positive and collaborative. That sort of change doesn't come from outside, it comes from within. It's about our fundamental philosophy of life - choosing to treat others well, put our strengths to good use and live a positive life with meaning and purpose.

Our pledge

"I will try to create more happiness and less unhappiness in the world around me"

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"We urgently need a change in priorities. So if you believe in a more caring society that puts well-being before wealth, and prioritises the things that really matter, then join us - add your voice and take action. Together we can create a happier and kinder world".

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Mark Williamson
Director, Action for Happiness

Why happiness ?

"We all want to be happy and we want the people we love to be happy. Happiness means feeling good about our lives and wanting to go on feeling that way. Unhappiness means feeling bad and wanting things to change"

Richard Layard

Lord Richard Layard
Founder, Action for Happiness


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