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I will try to create more happiness and less unhappiness in the world around me



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  • Newsletter 11: Be part of something bigger06 Sep 2011 | Action for Happiness

    This summer saw a very encouraging UN declaration calling on countries to give more importance to happiness. It's great to see people across the world starting to recognise that although economic progress matters, improving our overall well-being is more important than growing our wealth.

  • Newsletter 10: Riots, schools and measuring happiness12 Aug 2011 | Action for Happiness

    It's been a traumatic week here in the UK, with riots showing the worst side of human nature. But it's also been inspiring to see communities uniting to clean up and find positive ways forward. We're pleased that the government is committed to measuring well-being, but it needs to take action too. We're also planning a new schools initiative.

  • Newsletter 9: A Good Week10 Jun 2011 | Action for Happiness

    Is this the beginning of a big cultural shift? We think it's fantastic that so many people are now talking about happiness. They're starting to recognise that it comes less from money or material things and more from great relationships, peace of mind and being part of something bigger.

  • Newsletter 8: Building a happier society together05 May 2011 | Action for Happiness

    It's been an incredible few weeks for our movement. We officially launched on April 12 and created a huge buzz across television, radio, newspapers and online. Over 12,000 of us have now joined from more than 100 countries which is a fantastic start!

  • Newsletter 7: Ten keys to Happier Living04 Mar 2011 | Mark Williamson

    In recent years lots of new scientific evidence has emerged about the things that make life happy and fulfilling. Yet very little of this knowledge is communicated in a way that's useful in our daily lives. We've undertaken a review of the latest evidence and distilled the findings into ten simple themes. Before making these more widely available, we wanted to get your reactions.

  • Newsletter 6: Launch event and 'Teaching Happiness'10 Feb 2011 | Mark Williamson

    It's been great hearing from so many of our members recently. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and sorry if you're still waiting for a reply. We're planning an event for our official launch in April. We hope to bring lots of members together to talk about the movement and share ideas. We would love your views on the event

  • Newsletter 5: BBC coverage and Headspace tickets27 Jan 2011 | Mark Williamson

    It's an exciting week for those involved with Action for Happiness, with TV coverage and event appearances taking our message to a wider audience. A very warm welcome to everyone who's joined us this month - we're now over 3,000 strong and growing rapidly, with 60 countries represented.

  • Newsletter 4: Christmas update23 Dec 2010 | Mark Williamson

    Hello from snowy London and welcome to the final update of the year for all supporters of Action for Happiness. It's wonderful that people from 59 different countries are now involved. Huge thanks once again for all your support.

  • Newsletter 3: Movement for Happiness is changing01 Dec 2010 | Mark Williamson

    It's been a fascinating couple of weeks for those of us who care about building a happier society. The UK government's decision to officially measure people's well-being has generated lots of debate and discussion, both here and abroad. If nothing else, it seems clear that happiness is a topic that sparks passionate views and touches every aspect of our lives. In this newsletter I'll share some of our latest progress in building a movement for positive social change, starting with some big news…

  • Newsletter 2: Latest news from the Movement17 Nov 2010 | Mark Williamson

    I'm writing as the new director of the Movement for Happiness. It's fantastic that you've signed up to join the thousands of us who want to help create a happier society. In this newsletter I'll share some of our latest ideas and also give you a brief update on progress so far. But before any of that… we want your views!

  • Newsletter 1: Thanks for all your support27 Oct 2010 | Richard Layard, Geoff Mulgan, Anthony Seldon

    Thank you so much for signing up to join the Movement for Happiness earlier this year. This is a long overdue update on what's been going on. As a reminder, we’re bringing together people who want to see a greater focus on happiness and well-being across society.


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I give to charity, I sponsor an orphan in Uganda, Im involved in a community housing project and also in a community fruit harvesting project, I campaign for social and environmental justice, I try to be a good friend to people, I try to have a positve can-do attiutude in life (at work and at home), I am friendly to strangers/neighbours/random people on the bus etc, I try not to live my life in a way that compromises other peoples abil;ity to live theirs (now and in the future).

Amanda, Leeds, UK

10 Apr 2011, 05:42

Small and big things whenever I have the opportunity. I left a corporate job to start my own company Emergency Happiness so I could dedicate my career and life to helping others find happiness and success. I also take pleasure in helping others in small ways such as a smile or a hug

Genevieve, Berkshire, UK

10 Apr 2011, 06:26

I am a nurse and although I get paid for my job I feel in that momnet of caring for my patient I try to give so much comfort and kindness.

Tracey, Bangor, UK

10 Apr 2011, 06:26
One of the big dilemmas people face is what's best to do for their family: work as hard as possible to provide for them - or be there as much as possible, even if that means putting work as a lower priority. I've got a young family and I'm definitely in the latter camp - love, time and support are much more important for a family than a bigger house, expensive holiday or more new stuff.

Mark, Kingston, Surrey

24 Feb 2011, 02:48

At 69, to explore something new and to create something new; I am creating a laughter and happiness club - launches on 2nd April. What happens if only one person attends? Make sure the next session has at least two people attending!

Keith, Carlisle, UK

10 Apr 2011, 06:26

I tend to go in cycles when it comes to exercising, but I definitely notice I am calm when I do exercise. The older I get, the harder it is to stay in shape, so I like to do group classes; I used to run a lot, but now I need more effort on every bit of me - not just calorie burning. When I am exercising consistently, I do it about twice a week. I also walk every where, and occassionally ride my bike - I don't own a car so I get lots of opportunity to do this. It gives me plenty of time to tick over my thoughts!

Charlotte, Bristol, UK

10 Apr 2011, 05:45

I love beauty and people. I stop and look at gardens, people interacting, animals living in our environment, birds, etc. clouds in the sky, changing colours of the light during the day, I stop and pay attention to myself, how I am feeling, thinking. I listen, I love to stop and listen to all the sounds, bells tinkling in the distance... I like to notice the breeze, or the air everyday and breathe in the sunshine or the greyness of the skies, the stars at night, the glow of the moon...

Patricia, Paris, France

10 Apr 2011, 05:57

I allow time to process sadness, grief, loss - knowing I can't move on until I have done so. I remind myself of the successful things I have achieved, including 4 great, balanced and successful children. I always have a number of projects on the go, so if one doesn't work out there are always other things to move on to. I breathe to calm anxiety; I meditate (not necessarily sitting); I talk to supportive friends and family; I write

Lucy, Norwich, UK

10 Apr 2011, 06:00

My life! I am in a good place. I have wonderful family and friends around me. Trying to share the happiness and spread the Positive Psychology with others feels good too. Seeing the ripples of positivity spread outwards.

Miranda, Norfolk, UK

10 Apr 2011, 06:01
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